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Looking for a way to distribute news in the 21st century? Use RSS -- a method of distributing news that is rapidly gaining in popularity as websites switch from email newsletters to RSS feeds. OrangeBox is the easiest way to provide news feeds. Simply fill out forms in the control panel to manage mu...click here for more

Say it loud, say it proud, Widget Podcast is here and its compliant with the new Apple iTunes Podcasts sytem. This is it for the professional podcaster or the do-it-yourself online broadcaster. Simple and fast and easy to customize. XHTML and CSS driven over MySQL (database abstraction layer-use any...click here for more

CBL Partial Updater is an AJAX library for PHP. Unlike other libraries, all operations are controlled at the server side. Using the library, it is very easy to add AJAX features to existing PHP applications. Just add a few lines to your PHP and HTML, and your web application turns into an AJAX app. ...click here for more

simplexml44 is a backport of the new PHP5 API called SimpleXML. It provides a simple access to XML files, optimized for reading. It is possible to change CDATA nodes or attributes, but it is not possible to add or delete certain nodes of the internal DOM like tree. simplexml44 is written in pure PHP...click here for more

Convert RSS feeds to HTML. Easily display news from other sites on your site, or convert your RSS feed to JavaScript for others to import. Supports RSS 0.91 thru 2.0. Many options for formatting output. Caches for quick redisplay. Works with proxy servers, password protected feeds, and redirected fe...click here for more

arses the xml from a shoutcast server to display self refreshing stats that update every 30 seconds. It also plays the radio from an embedded windows media player control, which basically means that people can listen to your radio station from a website and not through downloading listen.pls files i...click here for more

An amazing script that takes the hassles out of managing automated contents of your site. This script uses RSS Feeds for contents. Features: Fresh and continuously updated contents on your site Uses templates and fits any layout Produces random contents Search engine gets different contents ...click here for more

CPAINT (Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit) is a true AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript+XML) and JSRS (JavaScript Remote Scripting) implementation that supports both PHP and ASP/VBscript. CPAINT provides you the code required to implement AJAX and JSRS on the back-end, while the returned data...click here for more

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