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Molins is a framework for PHP 5 that was inspired by Struts, but also has much in common with the other sub-projects of Jakarta like Torque and Commons. It features very good integration with Smarty, can work with XSLT, and supports logging, unit testing, and class packaging similar to Java....click here for more

CXS is an XML appliccation for data serialization which offers the possibility of transfering complex data structures between programming languages. CXS is aimed to offer a representation of data structures which is compact (few bytes) and effectively to parse in different programming environments. ...click here for more

This script takes any Atom feed and converts it to the RSS 2.0 format. blogger.com users should find this useful since Blogger does not provide free support for RSS. and now its live, no need for cron job, once blogger.com updates your atom your RSS 2.0 will be updated automaticly...click here for more

Read and load Excel document saved on XML format. Access to data of Excel document. Access to style sheet of Excel document. Show Excel document on HTML (support unified cells), configure Excel style(disable/enable style, change style)...click here for more

sux0r is a Bayesian filtering RSS aggregator. Users classify news under different categories, and after gathering enough data, the computer will be able to automatically pick out interesting news....click here for more

A small and simple C extension for PHP providing an alternative to the default PHP XSLT extension. Uses GNOME libxslt for transformation, and provides only one simple function call. XSL Parameter support was added in version 0.3.0...click here for more

This PHP RSS parser allows you to embed RSS newsfeeds into your PHP webpages. No programming skills are required. The online code generator only requires you to enter the RSS URL, and all code is automatically created. No linkback required!...click here for more

Create RSS and other feeds with PHP. FeedCreator features an easy to use and well documented class interface and can create, save and cache RSS 2.0, 1.0 and 0.91 feeds, ATOM 0.3, OPML 1.0, HTML, JavaScript and mbox. Decide which version to create during runtime. Compact, easy to use and well documen...click here for more

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