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- Reads news feeds - Reads weather feeds - Reads blog feeds - Reads content feeds - Reads industry feeds - Reads affiliate program feeds - Reads XML and RSS feeds - Simple to install, simple to use - Does not require MYSQL - Software includes professional output - Requires PHP on Linux Software incl...click here for more

pxWeather (PHP-XML-Weather) gives you easy access to National Weather Service forecasts and current conditions for integration into your PHP application. To improve performance and decrease load on the XML data source, pxWeather can cache weather data locally -- with no database required....click here for more

PHP classes for generating Atom 1.0 feeds. Requires at lease PHP 5.1RC....click here for more

playRSSwriter is a php script that allows you to write a rss feed on your website with support for embeding images in the feed itself, like the rss feeds from Flickr. Supports the Yahoo MediaRSS especification and RSS 2.0 with images. Allows you to include images and html output in your RSS feed. Ea...click here for more

Generate a downloadable RSS/XML compliant news feed! This script is for non-technical people using WYSIWYG page building tools or personal home page building systems. Let the online form guide you through the various information that you need to supply, and upon a click of the Generate Feed button, ...click here for more

PHxmltvParser consists of a parser class and some helper classes in PHP which parses an XMLTV data file and stores the information in a collection. There also is a simple example script which shows how to use the classes and displays a tv listing that can be filtered by several comboboxes....click here for more

Reads RSS/XML compliant news feeds via a client-side Javascript Script Include in your web pages! Configure the source of the news feed via a single configuration file. Simple, free and easy to use! Features-At-A-Glance - Use a client-side Javascript Script Include to retrieve RSS/XML News Feeds. - ...click here for more

. What is XML-RPC XML-RPC is a remote procedure call protocol encoded in XML. It is a very simple protocol, defining only a handful of data types and commands, and the entire description can be printed on two pages of paper. This is in stark contrast to most RPC systems, where the standards document...click here for more

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