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The best of the breed web traffic analysis software with the most powerful reporting functionality in its price class (1000+ reports!). Stuffed Tracker can monitor all web traffic (organic searches included) on your sites or the sites of your clients. It helps to identify main sources of quality tra...click here for more

AdWatcher is a revolutionary, all-in-one tool that helps you manage your online advertising (Pay Per Click, banners, newsletters, etc.), track your Return on Investment (ROI), and monitor your ad campaigns for fraudulent activity (and get your money back). With advanced features, such as Split Testi...click here for more

Finally... Affordable ROI Tracking Software! Track and view reports for advertising campaigns, search engine traffic, PPC (Pay Per Click) and referrer site traffic. Get ahead of your competitors with unique features, such as unlimited campaign tracking, search engine keyword reports (which can be do...click here for more

PHP script to track the data of a visitor to a page on your website. The script logs their ip, the page they`re on, the time of their visit & the referring url. The script is one php file so its very easy to install, data is stored in a mysql database table, the sql code for which is included. A...click here for more

Google Page Rank Checker Current & Feature PageRank....click here for more

CrawlTrack is a free application (license GNU GPL), which makes it possible to follow the search-engines crawlers and spiders visits on your website. Datas are displayed in the form of tables and of graphics which allow a very good legibility of information. CrawlTrack is a php script using MySQL da...click here for more

alafoo weblog is a simple script which logs your website traffic. If you include the script in a page, each time it is viewed the script will record information about your visitor (date, time, IP address, requested URL) into the log.txt file. The script is good for small websites....click here for more

SMe Live Stats- is a host solution to ofert for your visitors online users counter ! But is not a simples user counter, in member area user look the number visitors, country, browser and page visited , have a pagerank indicator too !...click here for more

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