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Unit Miner is robust, flexible and easy to use system for monitoring, retrieving and mining content from from web sites, documents, or any non-structured source of data. Unit Miner provides the industry`s best solution for data mining. This next-generation automated data mining solution deploys the ...click here for more

This amazing package has the following features: - Reads news feeds - Reads weather feeds - Reads blog feeds - Reads content feeds - Reads industry feeds - Reads affiliate program feeds - Reads XML and RSS feeds - Simple to install, simple to use - Does not require MYSQL - Software includes professi...click here for more

Developed using the ideas of the "Artists against 419" website, this script uses your server`s extra bandwidth to download images from spammers` websites many times. It can download anywhere from a few kilobytes to gigabytes from companies that advertise by using spam or individuals that t...click here for more

Use this small script to download and store files directly to your server from remote locations....click here for more

This php weather displayer is a compact php script that utilizes MSN weather codes to display the current temperature in fahrenheit and its respective icon. Just cut and paste the code to a php page and edit the city weather code. If you`re seeking a simple solution with just the weather graphic and...click here for more

An RSS 2.0/0.91 feed parser. This PHP4 Class greatly simplifies displaying RSS data on your webpage. It parses any valid RSS feed with <item> tags and allows you to customize the data on your webpage. It will cache feeds and update them however often you say. HTML templates allow you to includ...click here for more

PageForward is a proxy browsing program written in PHP that lets the user view web pages through a `proxy server` (the server the script is running on.) It uses cURL to remotely fetch pages and then displays them on your screen, making this program an ideal tool to bypass internet content filters at...click here for more

Mine The Web is a powerful content retrieval system. You can create spiders to grab content and information from other sites and store it in your own database. Mine The Web is the ultimate solution for grabbing data from dynamic and static web sites. Seemingly unstructered information in messy HTML ...click here for more

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