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WAP4Joomla! was created for those Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) users who would like their site to be accessed by mobile phone users. The WAP interface is designed to show your front page news on one page, it will display your other news by category then by your story title, allowing your ...click here for more

Here is the wml+php+mysql registration/login script with auto redirection for webbrousers. Easy in installation and easy in use, only registered users will be able to access to your site....click here for more

Hazard WAP Redirection (formerly known as Spitz WAP Redirection) is a simple script that detects your browser version, whether wap or web, and redirects you to two different pages. It is simple to understand, easy to use and effective....click here for more

Simple txt file Wap Chat, easy in use and easy in installation. Features: who is online list (with username + mobile device), cool emoicons, antiflood, change timezone, bad words censoring, language file, admin panel, no registration......click here for more

This script counts user online and you can prewiew the ip and mobile device model of online users...click here for more

This Script permit thanks to tecnolog WAP and PHP, to see the Status of your servers from any movil device....click here for more

This is simple php script wich shows the enviroment of your mobile device like mime types, ip, charsets your phone accepts......click here for more

Upload this wapchat to your php-supported web-directory. Read ReadMe.txt and do what it says. Create admin -account for administrator and it`s ready. Features: -supports wml/xhtml-browsers -flat file -database -includes some commands for administrator -private messages -smileys -shows online/active ...click here for more

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