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This script published by AdvantiScript allows you to run multiple seperated PHP-Nuke portals off a single installation and database, and as such to run your own PHP-Nuke host Features: - Subdomain ( url - Give users have full control over their portal - Host up to 1000 here for more

PHPhi5 Is a professional Social networking software written in PHP using 1 mysql database. Very similar to other social networking sites. This software is packed full of features and runs out of the box. Brand new design layout and new themes will be added on a regular basis. User can join, create here for more is a new social networking website concept, and resells 1 software license for the software the site runs on at auction every month to cover bandwidth and other expenses. The site is fully templatized with html templates, and requires linux and apache2 to run, as here for more

Now is your chance to run a site similar to GeoCities or Tripod. This script is written in PHP and uses 1 mysql database. Users can signup for an account and the system emails them their first password so there is no fakes. The users can change their password after they have logged in for the first here for more

Full-featured, highly customizable e-commerce system built-in. Set up an online store quickly and easily with EasySite, and link it to PayPal or for payment processing. Advanced template editor allows you to change any template section quickly, without any HTML. EasySite does this by here for more

In this package you get many already made sites and many more scripts for any project. For a full listing, click the link at the bottom of our here for more

The PHPAdoption Pro script allows visitors to search for children in need of adoption. The adoption listings are detailed with child and adoption agency descriptions, photos, information and driving directions linked to MapQuest. Adoption Agencies can also list for a fee. After a new agency has here for more

Article Management Power Script is a ready to install article search engine and directory similar to sites like etc which has features like user management, article management, automatic generation of rss feeds and easy to use backend admin. You just install it on your server and you here for more

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