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NewsPortal is a scripts collection, that allow you to viewing and posting messges to a NNTP newsgroups via WWW. It`s a simply newsreader based on PHP. It allows you to combine web-forums and newsgroups. The author of this script is Florian Amrhein, i am only an author of some changes, innovations here for more

News Portal is a PHP-based program which enables the access to newsgroups on webpages. It features: simple installation, does not require a SQL database, tree structure display of the article overview, and here for more

Puts newsgroups on your website and generates more Search Engines traffic. - Superfast. Strong database algorythms, fulltext search. - Highly optimized for search engines (all pages look like static html and titles in URL). - Allows your visitors to register and post new messages right to here for more

ngetdaemon allows quick and efficient perusing and downloading from Usenet remotely. Updating and sorting of all headers is done with one click. The strongest feature is that posts are grouped together in `file groups`, meaning a post consisting of 100 files is compacted into one line and here for more

nntp2rss provides a bridge to access newsgroups using an RSS reader. It assembles the latest few articles` subjects of one newsgroup into one feed. Features: read any usegroup with the same script (group name is passed as a parameter); put the latest 1 to 25 articles into the feed (also a parameter) here for more

MyNewsGroups :) is a USENET news client with a completely Web-based interface. It is written in PHP4, and uses a database backend. Its main purpose is to mirror all messages from subcribed public newsgroups into a database, and add extra features such as saving articles per user, statistics on here for more

web2mail2news is a PHP script that lets you post messages to usenet through your web browser. No more registering for lame sites like Deja or MailAndNews - just do it yourself with web2mail2news. This script is not a newsreader, it supports posting only. web2mail2news requires PHP 4.0 or here for more

myPHP usenet is a set of PHP scripts that provides a www-frontend to the usenet. It allows you to select a newsgroup and conduct searches by subject, message body, email, author and date range. You can browse each topic, complete thread or a selected newsgroup. It uses a MySQL database on backend here for more

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