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Free PHP graphing mortgage calculator that takes property tax and Private Mortgage Insurance into consideration. Configurable colors allow you to fit the calculator to your Website layout, and customizable currency symbols, thousands separator, decimal point, and initial values let you match your here for more

Does everything you want a calculator to do. Simple design that will work on most/all here for more

Free PHP mortgage calculator that figures in Private Mortgage Insurance, property tax, and more. Tell it a mortgage amount, percent down, length of mortgage, and interest rate, and the calculator will give you all the mortgage details including a full amortization schedule breakdown. Cut and paste here for more

PHP Calc is the most basic calculator written in php. This is a 5 minute script that is powerful because you can make it calculate anything. It just takes some imagination and some knowledge of math. Feel free to change the script to make it like your site, but remember to leave credit if you here for more

Free set of 10 PHP mortgage calculators: "Monthly payment calculator", "Additional payment calculator", "How much do I have to earn", "How much can I borrow", "Should I pay discount points", "How much will I save by refinancing my loan", & here for more

This Calculator is simple to install, simple to edit, and even easier to use! No Databases, No Javascript, and no hassle! just one file to simply upload onto your website. it also includes a stylesheet that can be editted to help it embed into your website design. it also includes error checking so here for more

This script creates an MD5 hash out of any text that you type. This script demonstrates PHP`s MD5 function which can be used for file verification, password encryption and other practical here for more

Currency conversion script for websites. Allows you to offer visitors the ability to convert between ANY world currencies. Very easy to install on any site, even a site with just HTML. Currency rates are automatically updated here for more

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