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A simple PHP script that index`s a directory`s contents.This is great if you want IIS to emulate a Linux directory index, Or if you want to show a list of files without haveing to write an HTML page or play around with Apache`s HTTPD.conf file. You have many options you can use DirList to have a here for more

A simple, yet powerful method to help show your visitor their location within your site`s here for more

The page navigation (pagination) of lists with records from a (MySQL) database is often used on a lot of dynamic websites. This class is extremely easy to use in your existing application: just use your own SQL statement and voila you get information like the result set (you need this for later here for more

Easy PHP Tree is a small PHP script (73 code lines only) that builds a navigation tree with unlimited nodes. Vary fast by using one Mysql query only. Pure PHP (javascript free) script which works under all available browsers. PHP5 compatible, works with register_globals Off or On. Expan/collaps here for more

You see these everywhere on the net, they are fairly easy to do and manage. Add dynamic pages to your php site by adding one simple file. This download explains the aspect of the code to keep you in touch with what you are here for more

Set this where it tells you to and it will get how fast the page loads, it will then display this on your here for more

A1 - Menue is a site navigation system that provides an easy navigation especially for larger websites. For each directory a customizable menu is created and sorted following specific rules. Files and directories may be included or excluded depending on the definitions you here for more

Do you have a website who`s navigation system that follows it`s directory structure? If so, these functions can be just what you need. combined with my Absolute Include function, you can implement a navigation solution that requires very little here for more

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