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This PHP script pulls a random quote from a text file and displays on your page. Extremely easy to include on an already existing page, it requires pasting a single line of code. It`s also very small consisting of 1 PHP file and the text(.txt) file with the quotes....click here for more

This is extremely simple to use and displays a visitor’s personal security information, such as their IP address, computer name and proxy information. You can add your own text to the bottom of the graphic. In a nutshell, the graphic changes for each viewer. Dynamic graphic, IP graphic or custom sig...click here for more

This random quote script is based on earlier versions and is the product of all of the great suggestions I have received. Included in this script are a number of options including: 1. Random Quotes being pulled from a flat file database. 2. Ability to randomly pull from multiple flat file databases....click here for more

Free PHP/MySQL script that allows you to easily manage and display your customer testimonials, quotes, comments, etc. on your website. Feel free to download and use this script on any website....click here for more

The easiest way to make a site interesting is to make something that changes every time they come to the page. Random quotes are great because your visitors will find them interesting. They may even refresh the page a few times to see what other quotes you have. The great part about Ready Random Quo...click here for more

Omni-Shore Random Quote Display takes a random quote from a text file and displays it on your page where you want it. Very simple to use....click here for more

Here is yet another Random Quote Generator written in PHP. This script allows you to pull the quotes from a flat file (text file). The flat file makes maintenance a lot easier. If you want to add/remove/update quotes, you only have to open the quotes file. You do not have to manipulate the script. I...click here for more

This code enables you to display a random quote from a list you define, all you need is a a single php file and your webpage....click here for more

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