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MiPhoto is an advanced photo rating (HotOrNot) and/or dating website script. With an intergrated payment system, members can purchase memberships to access different features on the site, control by the administrator. MiPhoto also allows administrators to create their own profile fields to further t...click here for more

DreamPoll is an enhanced version of Advanced Poll Builder for webmasters who handle the medium/big websites. It is extremely HANDY TO USE, have nice admin panel, 3-STEPS VISUAL WIZARD to create the POLL and customize the Design. It has all the features of Advanced Poll Builder 1.2, like "COLOR ...click here for more

Vote Pro 4.0 is all-in-one web site voting solution! Lots of voting features will give your poll new breath and great look and feel. Vote! Pro 4.0 intended to provide complete, flexible and fully-functional voting engine for any type of web site. Full skins (templates) support! Easy Installation. Fu...click here for more

A comprehensive web-based survey builder with one-click install on any server using PHP4 and MySQL. Run unlimited multi-page surveys with unlimited questions and answers. You have complete control over the layout using CSS and templates. Avoid duplicates using IP Addresses, Cookies or even Verified ...click here for more

X-Poll Version 2.0 allows you to create polls with unlimited options which have their own start and expiry dates. You can choose whether to protect your poll with IP and/or Cookie protection. You can even choose how often users can vote on your poll. New with V2.0 is the ability to choose the bars w...click here for more

TxtPoll is a simple voting script written in PHP using a textfile for storing voting results. The administration interface lets you create new polls and edit existing ones. The script stores voters IP`s in a textfile to prevent a singel user voting several times. The poll design can easily be change...click here for more

A free php based rating system which will use text files for storage. Very easy to install and simple to use. You can use it either on home page or any of your web page....click here for more

Fpoll v1.0 is designed to be the simplest and most easy customizable open source web poll script. The script uses PHP and MySQL, and can be set up in only a few minutes. Add the poll to any page in your site by simply including the poll.php file!...click here for more

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