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Version 1.0 has pretty much everything you could want from a news program. You can add and edit users and give them certain amount of power. You have a custom avatar tool for those of you out there like to use multiple avatars. There is a template function which lets you easily code how you want here for more

If you`re seeking a simple, compact and efficient news/content publisher, this could be your solution. This php script contains a secure login system, a simplistic interface with mouseover help text, customizable styling, the option to preview your news/content in a popup window before submitting, here for more

EasyNEws gives you ability to post, edit and delete news articles on your website through an easy to use web interface. Emoticons support. BBCODE support. Images upload and auto resize function. Full-story. Requirements: Web server with PHP 4.1.0+, Mysql DBMS. Viewable with any browser. Valid XHTML here for more

With this class you can easliy customize the tags it reads and recognizes so that you can read different types of RSS here for more

SimpleNews is a news article management system -- simple to install and simple to use for both administrators and visitors. Sports a plethra of features, such as: visitor commenting, bad-language filter, sticky posts, visitors can email article links to friends, topic icons, themes, IP banning, and here for more

A simple accessible online news publishing system for small corporate users. Both the interface, and default output, use XHTML 1.0/CSS1 and have been designed to maximise accessibility for both site authors and site visitors. Publish news, using configurable templates, on any .php page on your here for more

vbsNews is the ultimate in news management. Create and modify news listings on your website with ease with the power and speed of PHP and MySQL. It`s template design allows you complete control over how your news is presented. News categories, commenting, searching, and user management are all here for more

A simple blog script with the functionality you`d need for most websites. Includes comments, smilies, a "pinned" feature to distinguish important articles, and a control panel to easily administrate your here for more

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