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Somery is a lightweight weblogging script. It`s easy to install, easy to skin and even easier to operate. Somery has full article posting, editing, removing as well as comment posting, editing, removing, timezone settings, and a RSS 2.0 syndication feed. Bottom line, though - it`s under 100k and it` here for more

QLnews 1.2 is advanced news publishing system based on files :) Functions: can add users ( admin or newsman); can edit and delete users can add emoticons ; can delete emoticons ; can add news; can delete and edit news ; 7.long and short text ; can comment here for more

Features: - Admin panel - Online user stats - Email forms - Ban people from posting comments - Smileys (add your own or use existing) - Search engine - Prune old messges - Database optimizing! here for more

This script is a news script. With it you can add a news page to your website which displays all the news entries you added to the database. You can manage your news post using the comfortable admin area. In the admin area you can easily add, edit and delete news entries. You don`t need any here for more

DS News system is a simple but powerfull and very flexible news publishing system. It`s easy to install and configure. It has many usefull features like Search function, Archive here for more

Yellow Duck Weblog is a full blown Weblog application written using the Yellow Duck Framework. It features photo blogs, categories, static pages, and links. It also has full blown statistics built into the easy-to-use management interface. The application can easily be translated, and has support here for more

This is very simple. Auto installer. Edit the settings file and you`re don. Saves all news in MySQL tables, and you can edit news once its here for more

My phat A$$ news letter system. Check it out. Its freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! here for more

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