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LoveNews is a simple, easy to use news script. Some features: admin panel, BBCode, RSS Feeds and here for more

A simple news system written in PHP. Features: Data stored in MySQL, admin interface, support for multiple languages, support for multiple instances in one database, own header, multiple layout settings, support for BBCode and smilies, you can assin an icon graphic to every news entry, you can here for more

A PHP/MySQL-driven news manager that allows you to manage your web content online. Some Features: User accounts with different privilegies, which can be modified or deleted. Full featured admin script with WeeklyPoll, Members management, Public news, Partner list manager, Gallery, Commenting news, here for more

DSNews is a very simple, flexible and easy news system. Features include: admin page with: add new, list news(Options: edit,delete). Requires: PHP + MySQL, Easy installation with install.php , THE SIZE is ONLY 7 kb (zip) here for more

N-13 News is a complete and powerful news managment system. You have complete control over how your news is displayed and shown. Alot of options which include. Account Types where you can give other users accounts to post news. Smilies which can be inserted into new posts. Word Filters which will here for more

This script is a very simple news poster that requires MySql and php4 to here for more

phpWordPress is scalable and powerful news and article management solution that helps you create a full article website easily - an ideal solution for your network or website. Not only you will be able to create different layouts easily, you can also have different groups of people to help you here for more

FlexPHPNews is an website news admin system which can help you to admin the news. It is a simple, free and open source website news admin system. With this program, you can quickly add, delete or modify the news in the website according to your demand. You can add multi-level sub-categories and you here for more

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