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Google PageRank Website Checker Tool: You can add our FREE Find Google Page Rank tool to any pages of your website and it will tell you what your Page Rank is! Very easy to add on your website. We have just released more designs! Crazy pink, Google Gulp and Purple Monster. Find and Show your google here for more

You can easily add this php script to your website and add the functionality for your visitors to check their google page rank without using the google toolbar. Just enter your website address and find out the pagerank, indexed pages, and backlinks. The installation is very simple. There is only here for more

Spice up you website by offering this great webmaster`s tool. This PHP Script checks Google PR, Link Popularity and major Directory Placement for the given here for more

I wrote these functions to keep my GD generated images from being hotlinked. This was based on the idea that both the php script calling the image, and the image itself would have the same server time. If you try to use this script on a site that uses multiple servers, it would be a good idea to here for more

Great Google PageRank checker. Check page rank of your or competition sites. You can copy/paste this code to your site and allow your visitors to see your PageRank. 6 diferent skins are available to satisfy your here for more

Great free Keyword Position Checker. Check keyword position of your or competition words. You can copy/paste this code to your website and allow your visitors to check their keyword popularity without leaving or reloading current page. 28 skins are available to satisfy your here for more

This is a simple PHP website link checker to help get rid of any broken links on your web pages. Just type in the page you want to check and it crawls the page and checks the links on it. Then returns the status code i.e. 404 Not Found, 200 OK, here for more

Simple and 100% FREE (not encoded source code) Google page rank checker. Enjoy it! here for more

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