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Add a remotely hosted guestbook to your website. Our guestbooks are completely customizable and banner-free. No programming knowledge is needed. Features include the ability to use your own domain name, spell checker, downloadable messages, mailing lists, message approval, private messages, IP here for more

tagBox is a free simple tagger/shoutbox script written in PHP. It uses a text file to store posts so it doesn`t require any MySQL database. This database is protected with simple encryption and an htaccess file. The script is made to be easily customized and has many options and features such as here for more

This script will allow your users to add their comments, thoughts opinions and even rate your website with your very online guestbook. Edit/delete posts, bad word filter country, hide email option, email notify, badword filter, smilies and more! Easy to customize and include on your here for more

G-book is extremely simple to customize and publish. There is no need for a MySQL Database. The script incorporates features such as administration panel, MESSAGE APPROVAL, smilies, divided posts by pages etc. Its graphics can be altered effortlessly through the CSS file. In addition, G-book here for more

Fusion Guestbook is a power guestbook script which is easy to use, and manage. Using only files to store information and data, it can be used on the majority of servers which have PHP 4+ installed on them. In the customizable administration panel, the administrator can edit a number of settings for here for more

This simple script allows your visitors to post their thoughts and comments on your website with your own online guestbook! Admin where you can delete posts, ban and unban Ips from posting. "BadWord" remover email notification. Allow users to be re-directed after posting or displayed a here for more

A basic guestbook that you can use on your site for visitors to leave you messages. It comes complete with a selection of avatars, the ability to display IM information, and smilies in the comments too. Comments will be separated into pages to make it easier to read the here for more

A cool guestbook with many options such as : language files, smileys, ipban option, word filter, rating system, administration ... and more here for more

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