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This is a PHP4 (server side)/Flash 5 (client side) chat room program. It is easy to setup and customize. It features: private messages, review messages, IP banning, user kicking, filter for bad words, sound, etc. Available in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian.... The latest...click here for more

Eyelash is a lightweight flash portfolio application using XML / PHP. The Flash Photo Gallery takes input from a directory of images, generates thumbnails, and outputs a flash layout of clickable thumbnails that click to the real size image. Add a new image to the folder and it will automatically be...click here for more

Powerful Flash Content Management made simple. Build dynamic flash websites with ease, using Flashblocks Flash CMS. Drag & drop blue "edit blocks" from your library onto the stage. These blocks are filled with dynamic content. Train your clients to manage there flash websites effortles...click here for more

Flash Text Formatter (Wordpress plugin or Standalone) can format the text according to keyword definition list stored in external XML file. Its primary purpose is code syntax highlighting and at this moment it supports: * ActionScript 2 * PHP * JavaScript * Python Writing keyword definition XML is e...click here for more

This is the latest in flash poll systems. You can run a reliable poll with a nice flash skin interface. The system comes complete with 3 skins, .fla source to modify as you deem necessary, install script and install intructions. This system is only availble in the english language. **Updated 01/25/2...click here for more

AdesFormMail 2.2 is very easy to install flash formmail script. Which works with PHP to send email from your website. It also validates the required fields not to be empty and validates email to be in the form of user@domain.com. When the user does not fill the required fields, it reminds them to fi...click here for more

This class is capable of creating a simple Flash animation to present an image slideshow from sequences of JPEG images. It lets you add the slideshow images, configure the time interval between the presentation of two images and the presentation background color. It requires the Ming PHP extension t...click here for more

This program uses PHP and mySQL to create a dynamic online Flash Photo Gallery. The flash display area re-sizes smoothly giving a nice transition to the next image. A "simple-to-use" menu system allows you to drill down into different levels within your gallery. Setup is simple....click here for more

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