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eDocStoreFREE! for easy document management. A no fuss and no frills, yet effective system. Users share and access information in original formats. eDocStoreFREE! safely stores documents on-line and ready for use. Search document titles and categories to find that elusive piece of information. here for more

TCExam is a Web-based assessment software well suited for both Internet and intranet environments. TCExam replaces the old pencil-and-paper testing systems and simplifies the entire exam cycle, including generation, execution, evaluation, presentation and archiving. This simplification allows you here for more

The Progress Report Manager was built to alleviate problems experienced with traditional school Progress Reports. Using the Internet, administrators create Progress Reports that are automatically sent via email. Every week, teachers receive a message in their inbox reminding them that a new here for more

Make reporting quick and easy! Features of the program: Intuitive Wizard Generate Title page Edit Report Tree Add Watermarks Create PDF report Create HTML pages PowerPoint export PC & Mac here for more

Centre is a full-featured student information system that includes a gradebook and scheduler. Centre is built on the open-source platforms PHP and Postgres and is scalable to school districts of any here for more

This software package written in PHP can be installed on your website to let your visitors perform language translations. This is great for travel sites or any site that attracts foreign visitors. Does not require here for more

This table made by IoraSoft, goes from 0 - 12. Good for School here for more

The Covidia platform is cost-effective e-learning software that is distributed free of charge to service clients, and is designed to reduce costs and improve effectiveness in learning environments. System support, training and consulting services are available by here for more

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