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This is a free very simple php banner ad rotator, You can easily get the code to show the ads on your site and you can also easly add and delete the ads by logging in to the admin area, It also has a simple click counter and uses one text file for a data here for more

Simple but great banner script which allows you to include codes of all major affiliate programms. It looks like every other banner rotating script but with AZBANNER you can include Affiliate-Codes of major affiliate programms like amazon, tradedoubler, comission junction and many others. The here for more

TH-Rotating Banner Ad will allow you to place rotating banners anywhere on your pages simply by adding a very small line of code on your page where you wish the banner to appear. You can also have a full page of banners rotating in turn every time the page here for more

Unlike many other advertising systems, Banner Manage gives you simple ad code which gets pasted into your web pages, and from there you can begin serving adverts right away. But thats not all! BannerManage is built to accept PayPal Instant Payments, which will allow your paying advertisers to here for more

This unique PHP script software allows visitors to buy pixels or blocks from you to advertise their site. Script comes with built in payment processor and a full featured admin panel. To top things off, there is a templates folder included where you can change the look of the site using your here for more

The original script of will give you the possibility to start your own milliondollarhomepage. Sell pixels of your website and make money without having much work. The script offers great features like the loved splitting of the grid in premium and free ads, fully selfselecting here for more

Fully automated text advertisment for your website with Paypal integration. TextAds allows you to sell text advertisement spots on your website automatically and hands free. Features administration and client control panels, extremely easy to install and here for more

100% running paid-email program with password protected admin area to easily operate the site. The script is completely automated including member signup, member password recovery, etc. You have the ability to sell targetted ads based on the interests that your members choose when they sign up. here for more

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