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eDocStoreFREE! for easy document management. A no fuss and no frills, yet effective system. Users share and access information in original formats. eDocStoreFREE! safely stores documents on-line and ready for use. Search document titles and categories to find that elusive piece of information. here for more

A file archive plus membership access system written using PHP + MySQL. The Master Administrator may create multiple folders containing subfolders. Files can be uploaded to these folders. Users who wish to download the files need to register themselves as members (and get approved by the here for more

"Grayscale Simple Document Management System" is an easy to install and use document management system that not only provides a means to manage files, but allows for user management, access control (per file) and messaging between users. As always, it comes documented with a very easy to here for more

circeOS_CV is a friendly web application to archive, manage, retrieve curriculum vitae and skills. It allows to: - insert and modify anagraphic data - upload curricula documents (word, html, excel, txt, etc) - list the curricula - search curricula setting anagraphic data filters - search curricula here for more

Flamelab Transfer is a PHP based document download system. Make new account by adding a new directory with the username and password in the name and you added a new account. Put files in it and it`s ready for people to use. all downloads are stored in a simple XML here for more

Contract Software can help organize a purchasing department. This free software is written in php and utilizes a MySQL backend. The software is designed to allow you easily organize and manage your purchasing process. Includes the abilities to upload contract documents associated with a particular here for more

phpScribe is a documentation generator written in PHP with mySQL support to parse the code files of a project or system to generate HTML-based documentation files. It parses classes and other files with their properties, methods and functions. The user can choose the "skin" of the here for more

cattaDoc now with advanced security where each object in cattaDoc has an Access Control List (ACL) specifying permissions for that particular object. With cattaDoc you get a web-based, integrated document management package which can help you to quickly find your documents, to keep track of your here for more

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