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Instantly create PHP web database applications that let users view, sort, search and edit data of a MySQL database easily from a single web page. You can fully customize the look of the generated files using cascading style sheets and easy HTML templates. You can create foreign key fields that here for more

PHPMaker is an automation tool (for Windows) that can generate a full set of PHP scripts (for any Windows/Linux server or other server that PHP supports) quickly from MySQL database. Using the generated PHP, users can view, edit, search, add and delete records in the database easily on the Web. here for more

A web based program for creating online databases, written in PHP and MySQL. An Admin CP allows you to create databases, fields, categories, users, user groups and customize your databases using powerful templates + settings. Visitors can access your databases via the Visitor File. Export a here for more

TurboDbAdmin is a single-page AJAX solution for exploring and editing databases from a browser. Edit data just like you would in a desktop application, without submit buttons or page refreshes. This release supports: navigating to and browsing table data, viewing table schema, and editing table here for more

DaDaBIK is a PHP application that allows you to easily create a highly customizable front-end for a database. The strength of DaDaBIK lies in its ability of customization. For each field of a table you can choose: if the field should be included or not in the search/insert/update form; the form here for more

Plug-and-play database management system that lets you perform your own SQL commands, view all tables -> fields -> entries easily, with just a click of your mouse. Very easy to use interface decreases the time it takes to navigate your database. Neatly written to be compatible with PHP 5, and here for more

This is a simple script that will create a mysqldump of your database and upload it to a ftp server. This can be configured to determine which database (or all) you want to backup, where you stock it locally and where you upload here for more

This is a generic php interface for mysql and it`s intended for educational purpose:). I`ve done this script just for learning, reading some tutorials found on the net. The script uses php classes and objects to comunicate with the mysql here for more

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