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This is a small and efficient download counter. It only requires one 2KB file in order to run. Requires only one small 2 column database table. Just link to download.php?file=filenam e and the script will automatically add the file to the database if its not already in there and begin counting here for more

php Counter is a basic, easy to implement counter that uses cookies to accuratly track your web site visitors. Tracking data is stored in a plain text file so no database is required and can be added to you web site in here for more

This simple hit counter will count user Uniquely (via IP) or counts everyone going in. There are two versions of the script, database and file based. It is very easy to customize, no Linkback here for more

This is a quick and easy users online script. Just include the file on the page and it will add the user to the online list. Lets you specify how many minutes to keep a user online without them clicking another page before removing them. Has the option to surpress the count so you can include this here for more

This script will allow you to manage and display your banners on your website. It counts views and other options. There are two versions: File based and Database. No Linkback here for more

simplePHP Counter is a newly formed script of SimplePHP Scripts and its a simple coutner that doesn`t require mysql or any type of databases, instead it uses .txt file. It meets most end users here for more

This small script will count the number of visits to your site. It is extremely easy to set-up and use and you can have it working in just 3 minutes. You can configure the script to match your here for more

Visitors Online is a free who is online script that will show the number of visitors currently on your site. Written in PHP/MySQL, at just 3Kb in total it has a very small footprint and uses just a single table. It`s a great way to show just how many people are browsing your pages. It comes with here for more

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