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Weblogger is a free Internet service that provides valuable statistics to its users. The stats give you the ability to check how many visitors come to your website daily and monthly, as well as where are they coming from. This service provides a detailed analysis including traffic reports, here for more

Simplified link counter using PHP and MySQL. Simple to use and free for personal use. Includes a web-based panel to view how many hits each link has here for more

ClickMe 2.0 - A powerful click tracker with a revolutionary AutoClickme technology. With a built-in admin panel, allowing you to configure all the settings quickly and easily in your web browser, an option to quickly reset the stats, and much more. Runs on flat files! No MySQL here for more

This is a link tracker that utilizes a mysql database, to track outgoing links from your website. Within 2 minutes, your script will be intalled, and you will be able to track any URL going out of your site with ease. From a stats page, view how many hits each link has. Improvements are schedualed here for more

The only script that can track downloads, force them to download or load. Has built in user system. Also skinable, users if allowed can have a different skin then skin set to script. MySQL or flat file databasing support. Super powerful antileech support. Has pop-ups with description. Cabability of here for more

This is intentionally a very simple script, designed primarily to keep track of relatively low volume affiliate links, though you can use it for just about anything click-tracking. The basics: the URL you are tracking needs an ID and a tracking code. The ID corresponds to the URL listed below. The here for more

A short script that creates a tab (or other character) delimited text file that logs traffic to your site. It stores the IP address, referring URL, filename, user agent string, date/time, query string and other useful here for more

KeywordROI is your secret weapon in fighting the PPC battles. Never mind spending hours everyday pouring over reports to see how well your PPC campaigns are doing. KeywordROI tracks every click, every sale, and every penny you spendůso you know your ROKI! here for more

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