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Click Counter Deluxe is a free program create by Marcus Schwab that counts how many people click a link. It also has an admin panel where you can view the number of clicks, and the IP addresses of the people that clicked them. Setup is simple, and adding a link is even easier. The download is less here for more

Wandering how to turn your visitors into customers? Curious how to calculate the return on your online advertising investment? Looking for clicks and downloads counter? Feel curious to determine your top popular pages list? The ROI Tracking Pro will be at your service, providing you with complete here for more

CounterCaffe a PHP/MySQL-driven link click counter script. It is a fast and easy way to add a web counter to your web page. Not only does it display the number of visitors to your web site, it also keeps statistics on the number of visits each day and each here for more

PHP utility for tracking website traffic. Gives you the refer, time and date and number of hits. Easy install!! Requires site membership (one time $1.00) to this and all here for more

Which of your website visitors become your customers? ROI Tracking Pro gives you answer, by displaying detailed reports containing return on your advertising campaings. You will be able to identify which advertising brings you most of your customers, and which is just money-waster. It`s been here for more

Web-Mylink is your web site link management system that can track all actions and interest of the web site visitors. Web-Mylinks is a powerful tool for counting and analyzing the visitor`s clicks on your web site links . The statistics is registering each link as well as link groups (Time lags: here for more

Monitor web visitor` behavior and realtime PPC click tracking and here for more

Link Tracker is a simple script that allows you to track how many times a person goes to that link. Can also be used for here for more

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