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Fast Click SQL is a powerful tool for counting and analyzing the visitor`s clicks on your web site links. It`s generates detailed statistics for clicks for any period of time that your need (from 1 hour to 1 year and above). Allows tracking visitor`s clicks on any link (text or image, page or file) here for more

AdTrackz Gold let you tag and compare the effectiveness of different traffic sources. AdTrackz Gold shows you how many people come to your website from each traffic source so you can know with certainty which ad campaigns actually work. Tracks sales and actions on remote, affiliate websites Tracks here for more

Owning your own exit exchange is an excellent revenue generating traffic tool that you can use to promote your own website network. Plus you make 100% of ext exchange advertising space and offering higher ratio rates to paid members. The exit exchange site is PHP based with a mySQL backend that can here for more

Track the click history of any of your site links with this versatile and easy to use script. A detailed report is always available from the administration control panel so that you can monitor the progress of your visitors’ clicks in real time. Daily, weekly and monthly clicks are logged for each here for more

Fast Click Pro is a powerfull but easy-to-use click tracking script written in PHP with full featered administration. It counts how many times a link on your site has been pressed and generates detailed statistics about it. It is easy to setup and config using a web based setup.<br> here for more

NicheBOT`s AdSense Tracker is an easy to use, "common sense" designed PHP/MySQL Script developed to help you test, track, measure and improve each "click" of each Ad, on each Page, of every Domain that you host Google AdSense. NicheBOT`s AdSense Tracker provides you with the here for more

In-depth web traffic, visitor, e-commerce and marketing analysis are delivered directly to business and technical users through a web browser anytime, anywhere. With Frunder Analyst you can quickly and affordably analyze and optimize your web site and your marketing efforts. With no software, here for more

From the inventors of AdSense tracking technology, asRep is the first tool to track the performance of multiple AdSense ad & search boxes you publish in real-time. asRep is constantly improved to bring you the best AdSense tracker. Unlike the unpredictable reports of Google that can lag as here for more

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