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Chatty :) is a very nice script that lets you create a simple but very-good looking chat in a few minutes. Distributed under GPL and written entirely in PHP, it is highly customizable and fully open to modifications. Now works properly also with non-western languages. It requires MySQL as a backend here for more

Let your guests post messages with, email links, web links and icons. It`s fast, small and very simple to install. Try it out and let us know what you think. The lastest UPDATEs to the AMR TalkBox v2.44b. Includes a URL linking here for more

kN2Tag is a functional tagboard with an experimental tag system dealing in a new way of getting in touch with posters. QuickMail is a revolutionary way of replying to a tag in which online users may send text based emails to posters using the tag-board system. kN2Tag also has many built in features here for more

Includes bbcode, smilies, swear word filter, printable view, help file, view all, poster`s information and so much more. This is why its the most advanced and widely used shoutboxes! here for more

123 Flash Chat server software is full-featured& high-performance Java chat server plus stunning Flash chat client! With the MOD/ module for PHP-Nuke, you will be assisted to embed a real-time chatroom with PHP-Nuke database integrated into your here for more

123 Flash Chat Server Software is a chat solution of high-performance java server and fascinating flash client.It`s fast and reliable, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication. With the MOD/ module for phpbb, you will be assisted to embed a real-time chatroom with phpbb here for more

VNET Users Online displays how many users are browsing your website. Easy to install and can use CSS templates to customize the look. No MySQL needed, 2 minute here for more

A very slick chat script that has smilies, gestures and bad word filter. It also has banners so you can take paid advertising! Gestures allow your chatters to "point" inbuilt phrases at other chatters - it`s just a bit of fun but it makes this chat script stand out from the rest. A full here for more

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