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JaxBox is a simple, straight-forward PHP/AJAX shoutbox implementation. The script is intended to demonstrate simple AJAX => PHP functionality in a practical application. It would work well as eaither a jumping off point for those looking to get more into either AJAX or PHP, or, of course, as an here for more

DSChat is a simple php chat script that doesn`t need mysql, user auth, or a daemon. It`s admin panel lets you change things on-the-fly, and lets you kick users, yes, kick users, even without user auth! It`s cookie system is perfect for going `Away-From-Keyboard`, and it`s `Dump` system allows you here for more

The Ready ChatBox allows visitors to your site have a little chat room right on your page. They can leave comments, along with their name and a link to their website if they have one. It`s a great way to chat with your visitors and KEEP THEM COMING BACK! This feature packed script features SMILIES, here for more

An easy to install chat room script. No database required, unlimited users and easy to intergrate with existing website. You can kick users out of your chatroom, as well being able to bomb users out, this will crash the users browser - so you can take your here for more

Get a 100% Free, remotely hosted live customer support solution. Provide a superior level of customer support for your visitors through our live chat system. Learn how visitors are using your website using real time visitor tracking. Find our where your visitors are coming from and how they are here for more

It features: Many themes to choose from. Past shouts and help pages. Works with either text file or MySql db. Comes with flood protection. Full admin control that allows the admin to moderate or delete unwanted expressions. Allows the user to delete shout after posting it, within the time frame set here for more

ToChat is an irc chat easy to use in your site, header and footer to custom, work with here for more

A simply shoutbox based on a flat file database. Includes many features such as bad language filtering, smilies, pagination archive, flood control to prevent spammers and more. All features can be switched on or off and are fully customisable. Very quick and easy to install. The great thing about here for more

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