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This small and very simple script will display a calendar page in the style of a wall calendar for the current month. It is extremely easy to set-up and use and you can have it working in just a few minutes. It is highly configurable meaning that you can easily change its` appearance to match your here for more

A script that will show a page from a calendar for that month. It will allow your visitors to browse forward and back through the months and you can add a URL to the calendar. When your visitor clicks the date that has a URL added, it will popup a new window and take them to that location. Ideal here for more

This is a free library of PHP tools for calculating holidays. US holidays are the only ones currently entered, but others could easily be added. It includes actual/observed days, Easter Sunday, and the number of weeks in a month containing a specific here for more

ZenTracking is time management software for your organization; it provides basic task and time reporting. Based on calendar day, month and year managers can track tasks based on individual or groups time use. Each end-user can signup for an account, and enter his daily work, and how much time was here for more

AnchorCal features: Links from calendar dates to your events file Options can be specified at runtime Can be integrated with Coranto or used alone Can be customized with CSS Can be used for multiple calendars in the same page A month relative to the current month can be displayed April 4, 2005 here for more

Utter.Liable.Calendar (ULC, `` You`ll see ``) is a multi-user calendar. You can share events (appointments or tasks) between many users or groups. Multi-group, multi-calendar, You have many possibilities to publish events : calendar subscription, visibility managment, sharing, invitation, here for more

2200net Calendar is an easy calendar system, and it runs on PHP and MySQL. 2200net Calendar is a free php program for anyone to use under the GPL license. Current version only support Chinese and English language,so I hope you can support other languages to me. If you have any good ideas or here for more

This is a web event calendar developed using PHP and powered by MySQL. The calendar is viewed in month format initially with a detailed view of daily events as each calendar day is clicked on. The calendar is customizable within a single file; allowing changes to the title, color choices, calendar here for more

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