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The RSS Builder allows you to create a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed for your journal / news site or anything you want! Its simple to setup, and even simpler to update your feed!...click here for more

This PHP script will allow you to monitor your current local weather via a Weather.com XML feed. It parses the XML data and then outputs formatted HTML to a .txt file. This .txt file can then be integrated into your website via SSI, PHP or any other language that will accept Includes. It is intended...click here for more

ExpressRSS lets you add RSS feeds to your site easily, without any programming knowledge needed. This technology will ensure that your pages are always filled with regularly-updated, theme-based content. Get your website spidered more often and rank at the top of search engine results without liftin...click here for more

Traffic Turbocharger, a next generation SEO script that generates 1000`s of constantly updating, content rich pages that get top placement on search engines, and also earn income from five separate sources. The only script of its kind that uses random RSS feeds, which is like having your own content...click here for more

Just a simple few functions to help you convert a xml feed into an array to make it so much easier to handle....click here for more

PHP free script to create RSS feeds for eBay categories or user listings, fully customizable and documented. You can copy, change and install on your server....click here for more

Class to represent real world numbers like money where a precision loss due to division is not acceptable. The main idea behind the class is that it stores the number as a fraction and hence avoids the rounding error introduced during division....click here for more

This is the easiest tool you will ever use to parse an RSS feed. Simply enter the URL of the RSS feed, choose a few options, and we spit out a small bit of code for you to paste on your website. Getting an RSS feed on your website couldn`t be easier!...click here for more

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