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UPS XML Shipping Tool PHP Function Library is a series of PHP functions that enable your web application to ship, confirm, and void shipments via UPS`s XML servers. These functions will assist you in rapidly developing your UPS shipping web application. You can use these functions within your applic...click here for more

eCheckTrac is a popular service for Payday Advance Loan stores, Check Cashing Stores, and more to store customer information and integrate with ACH processing services. Our system allows stores to accept their applications online through their own website and place the information directly into the ...click here for more

Google PageRank(tm) XML-RPC Service. Allow you to get current PageRank(tm) of any webpage using any XML-RPC language....click here for more

With this script you can add xml / rss feeds to a listbox, and then just by clicking submit, you can view the news feeds....click here for more

generateAfeed dB is a script based tool which generates automatically RSS feeds for your website from the information contained in a database. generateAfeed dB is easy to install and contain an HTML webpage to configure the number of feeds you want for your website. No programming knowledge is requi...click here for more

The NotOneBit.com NetflixQ uses Netflix.com`s RSS feed and Macromedia Flash to display your Netflix queue (or other Netflix RSS feed) in real time on your website. The NetflixQ will automatically load your queue (or other Netflix RSS feed) from Netflix.com, and display the items in order, slowly fad...click here for more

With this script you can include the content from your livejournal (http://www.livejournal.c om) into your website. It grabs the data from an RSS feed and then displays it on an independant page so it can be configured into your own site....click here for more

Photoshop Website Templates for Dreamweaver, and Frontpage, are available here for immediate download. THD offers creative and unique templates that start at $35.00 Great tutorials and help available....click here for more

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