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Class to generate an XML document from a mysql table. You define the database and table names and the xml tag names to be used for each table field. Where clauses are also supported. Updated to PHP4 and the PEAR DB Class....click here for more

The Winamp xmlParser is a free open-source PHP script for parsing playlist files generated by Winamp into a HTML table for web publication. This new release supports both the B4S file format of Winamp 3, and the M3U format of the new Winamp 5....click here for more

This class is designed to make the XML communications easier between PHP and Flash. The class properties and methods are modeled after the XML class in Flash, so the transition back and forth for the programmer is much easier....click here for more

Instantly Translate Standard Podcast RSS to iTunes Specific Tags Conversion To Generate iTunes Complaint XML Syndication Feed. With the release of iTunes 4.9, Apple included the first edition of a long-anticipated XML document type definition (DTD) for RSS 2.0, that will enable access to podcasts. A...click here for more

Ever wanted to syndicate web content fast and easily? MX RSS Reader-Writer is a 2 in 1 solution. Firstly, it allows you to import RSS (Really Simple Syndication) files and integrate them in your website design and secondly it allows you to export database information into RSS format. This way you wi...click here for more

Automated Sites: Dating Scripts, Online Guesbook Services, Men`s health and many more Turnkey solutions. Every fully Automated Site costs 5.00 only! No hidden fees! In addition we provide assistance and support for setting up your site. An opportunity to start a successful dot com right away!...click here for more

Web Font Viewer is PHP script which is intended for TTF fonts storing on the Internet in form of catalogue categorized according to fonts. Web Font Viewer is also intended for font exchange and their selling. Web Font Viewer will be of use for designers which have to change their workplace frequentl...click here for more

RSS Manager: Manage RSS-formatted search results from Google News, Yahoo! News, Feedster & Daypop. XML Converter: Preconfigured to convert the following formats to RSS 2.0: Atom 0.3, Atom 1.0, RSS 0.91-0.94, RSS 2.0 (to clean up the feed). Also converts affiliates program XML search results from...click here for more

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