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If you`re dependent on cron to run important tasks, you`ll want some kind of monitoring. This class is useful for parsing a given cron schedule to see when the cron job should have last run, so you can add monitoring to your application easily by making cron jobs log their events in a database and t...click here for more

The features are as follows: * Easy to skin. * Emails both the client & Host. * Stores the submited client information in a MySQL Database. * Gives the client a thank you notice and informs them to check their email. * Redirects client to a PayPal payment page....click here for more

This two free file are easy to use, web based php scripts, which allows you to quickly setup a web page for yourself or others that can GET DNS Records , whois, whois IP, ping, tracerroute, or do everything at once. These are great web site networking tools. Totaly Free. No MySQL needed. Not much el...click here for more

This is a very simple, but yet nicely formatted free calendar that will highlight the day of the week and display the month, its easy to copy and paste into your web site code. Works well for any web site that users are frequently thinking about events within the month. This is a very simple codeO(N...click here for more

phpCOIN is a php/mysql based package originally designed for hosting resellers and small business to manage clients, orders, invoices, support requests, etc. Used by over 25,000 web-hosts, designers, lawyers, accountants and others worldwide. v1.2.2 addresses potential vulnerabilities in v1.2.1b and...click here for more

Portal clone is a basic content management system. This is still in development and we need as much feedback to make this product successfull. We look at our clients needs to produce a great product. Please help us achieve our goal. For demo login information, please contact danglauber@msn.com....click here for more

SiteReptile - The easiest to install and use website builder dedicated to hosting providers, over 100 professional templates, WYSIWYG editor, polls, news and more. For Linux/BSD/Windows, no require MySQL database, just copy to your server and SiteReptile will work for you and your clients! Sell unde...click here for more

Turn any url into a short url using our redirection service script. It will allow you to offer such a service to all those who visit your site. The short url is based off your domain name. It`s also perfect for hiding affiliate links. The script is easy to setup, and has a small admin area for manag...click here for more

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