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Say you found a site with so many pictures/images on it. And there is no way to save them all unless you have right click on each picture and save them to your disk. Using Martia Image Robber (MIR) you can easily save them on your web server so then you can download it as a single file....click here for more

Thanks to Weather.com`s free XML service, you can let visitors on your site get the forecast (up to 10 day) and current conditions for any city they offer. Data is cached in a MySQL table on your server for 12 hours (Weather.com requirements). Requirements: A MySQL database, PHP 4+, and fopen enable...click here for more

Ever wished providing the beauty that is Wikipedia on your own website? Now you can: just include this simple PHP script wherever you want Wikipedia to appear!...click here for more

phpBuoy is a simple little PHP script which parses the realtime buoy data provided by the National Data Buoy Center and presents it in a nicely formatted HTML table. It`s quite easy to use as a PHP or SSI include and the script can get data for any buoy listed on the NDBC site. There are complete cu...click here for more

This simple script fetches the threat level raised by Homeland Security and displays the governments image on your web page....click here for more

This small script creates a button on your web site that allows the visitor to click in order to play the most recent radio program of Prague Radio....click here for more

Using the powerful engine of PHP Link Directory, NewsTopica brings a whole new concept, allowing you to create your own news site similar to Google News or Topix.net. Create Categories - you can create categories for news. You may import multiple feeds into one category. Import Feeds - Feeds are imp...click here for more

Be the first to offer your web site visitors a directory that targets only Government related web sites. This is a seamlessly integrated directory that ads thousands of pages Gov pages to your site. Your visitors will have the ability to search for anything from Tax help to finding a lawyer to deal ...click here for more

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