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This program extract all keywords in pages and build a keyword directory. Keyword in directory is unduplicated and without html tag keywords. You can choose to dig one page or whole site and the keyword list can be download as text....click here for more

Script that find how many advertisers on overture by your keywords. This tool can help you make marketing research and choose right keywords to bid, you can also download the advertiser domain list....click here for more

This is a very basic/simple web crawler that returns the meta tags on a site that you searched for. This version includes the ability to search any site. Skin Engine created for easy-to-edit ability!...click here for more

Classes to access the information on imdb from php. These can be used by movie databases written in php to easily add new movies with their information....click here for more

RSStatic optimizes RSS aggregation and contributes to your search optimization efforts. To accomplish this RSStatic provides the following features: Unlimited amount of added content to your site Everytime a feed updates, your site will have new content added. Maintenance free Simply set it up and i...click here for more

This is a quick and painless way to include RSS/XML/RDF headlines on your webpage. All you have to do is set 3 variables (URL/Name/Number of headlines) and include the file. The script stores the headlines in files and only loads the RSS file every 15 minutes (time customizable). The script may be i...click here for more

This class allows you to check to see if a particular web page has been updated recently. It doesn`t show what the changes were, just the fact that it`s been altered in some way since you last checked the site. Great if you want to provide a quick indication to users that some remote page has been u...click here for more

This class will display a random product from your CafePress store, and it will work with a regular free CafePress account, or a paid account with different categories. You can supply a simple template to control style, and have the output link directly to the shown product or simply to your main ac...click here for more

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