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EasyWeather is a small PHP script and very easy to install on your web page. Just cut and paste the code to any of your PHP page and edit city weather code (ACID or ICAO) to your city code. 5days weather forcast also available. Only need PHP and no need MySQL....click here for more

This package can be used to call PHP classes on the Web server side from Javascript code in Web pages. It uses AJAX technology to submit HTTP requests from Javascript to pass call parameters and collect and process the XML responses. This package acts as a proxy that maps PHP objects to JavaScript a...click here for more

This is a simple PHP robot class to help make it easy for you to make your own web crawlers, spiders and robots....click here for more

Website administrators can add news content to their website using our free service. News content can be customized to fit the look and feel of your website. News content is syndicated using XML/RSS 2.0 feeds and javascript for webmasters who do cannot use perl or php to parse the xml feeds....click here for more

We have tons of shoutcast scripts to add to your web site to show current songs and current djs and also current bitrates and so on lots to choose from and very easy to install and we also have help forums to help you along the way....click here for more

Keyword generate tool that searches and generates neighborhood keyword, relevant keyword, and related keyword search times last month. Keyword data is fetching from google set, google adword keyword selector and overture keyword suggestion tool...click here for more

php Simple Stock Quote Display is an extremely small yet attractive stock quote script written in php that fetches any ticker symbol from the Yahoo! Finance web site. If you`re seeking a simple stock quoter that displays the quote and the day`s change, you will find this to be ideal. Simply copy/pas...click here for more

Find out what happened on this day (or any day) in historical events. Easy to configure, so you can change days, or type of events to show....click here for more

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