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MP3 fetching is a PHP script that allows you to fetch and put Listen.com`s hot today and Musicgrab`s top10 on your site....click here for more

This is another version of php-general archive grabber. This version uses marc.theaimsgroup.com....click here for more

This is a PHP script that lets you display the latest 7 php mailing list entries from zend.com on your site. If you use it, I`ll really appreciate if you can send me a postcard. Email me for my snail address....click here for more

This is a PHP3 version of the <a href=http://www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/3731.html target="_3731">Dtheatre News Grabber</a> that allows you to fetch the newest Digital Theater news headlines. It uses the fsockopen function....click here for more

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