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This is a PHP script that computes a lucky no. of a given here for more

This script is written for calculation of historically correct string diameters on early baroque violins, violas, cellos or any other instruments tuned in 5th, which use gut and historical wound gut here for more

Solves for velocity, average velocity and displacement related to constant here for more

This script can calculate very accurately the needed DivX 3.x and 5.x Bitrate to encode Avi video with predefined size, for instance 700 MB. It also predicts what will be the resulting quality of the video, so that you can raise/lower the bitrate or the resulting size to achieve the the best here for more

Quick Calculato has the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide. All using just one here for more

This is a simple calculator written in PHP. Its functions include add, subtract, multiply, and here for more

Ideal for beginners in php, this is a calculator with basic functions like "Add, substract, multiply, and divide." here for more

This is a code snippet that converts measurements such as degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit; centimeters and inches; meters and feet; kilometers and miles; kilograms and pounds; milliliters to ounces; and for fun, regular beers and tall beers. This was created for the expatriate American. It here for more

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