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Falcon`s Distance Calculator is a web package for calculating the driving distance between two cities from USA or Canada. Falcon`s Driving Distance Calculator is easy to use, highly-integrated package that can be used in your web applications. This Driving Distance Calculator was written in PHP and here for more

Falcon`s Moving Calculator is a web package for enabling web live help for moving companies, definitely improving interaction with customers and web site visitors. With Falcon`s Moving Calculator you no longer have to spend hours writing moving estimates. Falcon`s Moving Calculator is easy to use, here for more

Calculate the appropriate tip based on any total price and any tip here for more

Two separate functions used for conversion of temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius and back again. Developed as separate functions since most applications I`ve used them for are only going one way or the here for more

This script finds the hypotenuse, and the side length if you have the hypotenuse. It comes with a variables page which has everything you need to customize for your here for more

This PHP class can be used to calculate the distance between two points of latitude and longitude. The formulas utilized are the Great Circle method, Ellipsoid Approximation, and a more accurate Ellipsoid Calculation. A method is provided to also calculate azimuth between the two points on the here for more

This program will allow you to determine which merchant account is best for you. It takes into account monthly fee, transaction fee, percentage transaction fee. And lists them in an easy to read format. Setup costs are not considered but, over short periods of time this can have a dramatic here for more

This calculator is so easy to set up, all tou have to do is upload it, and thats it!!! no configuration is needed, please check this calculator out! here for more

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