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You can add, subtract, divide and multiply. It is quick and easy to install, no coding experience needed, just cut and paste into a php here for more

Use Instant Quote to provide customers with total cost, on-the-fly. Instant Quote provides a solution for multiple items with multiple variables and can also calculate sales tax. Add, subtract, and multiply an unlimited number of variables. Dynamic conformation page, on-the-fly cost calculator, here for more

This script is without a doubt the UKs number one postcode calculation script. It is number one because it can calculate the distance between unit postcodes and not just areas and districts, like so many of the other primitive postcode solutions. Please do not be fooled by these other products. If here for more

Looking for a UPS shipping rate calculator for your website. You have come to the right place. If your customers want flexibility and control over the shipment of their online purchases, your e-commerce site needs UPS OnLine® Tools Rates & Service Selection. This tool identifies all the here for more

This script&database will help you find all the zip codes (cities) in a radius of x miles from any other city in the US. The package also contains the fastest functions to help you integrate a radius search on your website. Canadian ZIP code database is also available. Please visit our website here for more

Using Falcon’s Loan Calculators, you can also prepare amortization schedule, view it, and print it in virtually no time. Also all the six calculators automatically calculate the insurance value for the house and the PMI where is necessary. Everything is completed automatically, accurately and is here for more

A rather complex calculator script featuring such operations like adding and dividing fractions. It has all the basic functions of a calculator like adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplication. It can find values for TAN, COS, SIN, Square Root, Powers, and here for more

Comprehensive set of mortgage calculators allows your site visitors to perform easily complicated real estate math. It features amortization tables in every calculator to help you understand loan mechanisms, multi-language support, template-driven design, customizable interest compounding, currency here for more

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