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This is a great script if you want to calculate the prime numbers. The script is extremely fast and can calculate any prime number. Depending on your settings in php.ini this script can run for ever and calculate every possible prime number. This code can be easy modified for generating passwords here for more

KASL FractionConverter is a simple script that is designed to convert fractions into whole numbers and decimals. This script consists of just one page which makes it very easy to here for more

This is a multi-step calculator which helps you: 1) determine how much you can borrow, 2) what your monthly payments will be under both amortized and interest-only scenarios, 3) approximates benefit from tax-deductible interest and, 4) compares the after-tax cost of a HELOC loan to a non-deductible here for more

This script is simple calorie calculations, which includes two calculations. Dacio`s calculation.daily calories is used for calcualting your daily calory need for whole day or one meal. Dacio`s calculation.weightloss is used to calculate your calory need for weightloss. Scrips are simple to use, here for more

A calculator with the simple functions add, subtract, multiply and divide as well as more advanced functions like decimal to binary, decimal to hexadecimal, degree to radian, get COS, TAN, SIN, here for more

This is a PHP class to do various calculations with zip codes. It`s primary purposes are to calculate the distance between two zip codes and to extract all the zip codes that are within a range of a given zip code. All calculations are based on lattitude and longitude coordinates stored in the here for more

Binary Encoder/Decoder is used to encode text into binary and decode binary into here for more

Free script in PHP for calc unlock codes of Nokia DCT2 DCT3 DCT4 include GID1, GID2, MSIN for DCT2/ here for more

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