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By using phpFaber TinyLink you are able to create a tiny URL. Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? Then you`ve come to the right place. By using this script you are able to create a tiny URL that will ...click here for more

EnetLogic.com now offers our URL Submitter script so that you can run your own url submitter company. We also offer our own hosted scripts. Please check us out....click here for more

100 percent customizable tinyurl creator, brings to power of tinyurl.com to your finger tips! Now you can create your own TinyURLs using the worlds most powerful short URL service....click here for more

This script lets visitors easily add their site, description, URL, and title to your site which displays the information. Very easy to install, COMES WITH AN INSTALL SCRIPT....click here for more

Lets visitors submit their URL to a bank on your server to be displayed. Comes with an administration panel, log file, and fully functional install script. This script is so simple to install a dog could do it. NO MYSQL REQUIRED!!!...click here for more

This is the second version of Ferora simple plugger. generated with javascript/php/mysql. easy to install and add links. counts clicks and categorize with new|cool|and hot links....click here for more

SubmitForce is a very customizable and easy to use URL submission script. SF Supports GET and POST methods of form submissions. Custom HTTP header formatting. Optional client side form validation. You can add new engines very easily. Advanced troubleshooting functionality with a debug mode operation...click here for more

you can submit your site to many many many top search engines with this, submit to many top search engines in one click...click here for more

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