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Generates a well formed table, listing the contents of the directory in which the script is located. Has image tags associated with certain file here for more

PHP code that generates a DHTML Drop Down Menu. Now it can be aligned in any position ! here for more

TabView was developed with optimal flexibility so you can customize the look and feel to suit your specific needs without having to edit the source code. Although, if you wish to modify the source you are welcome to do so since TabView is released under the GNU General Public here for more

CodeThatTreePhp is a small and fast php script for creating dhtml trees dynamically. It can be used when one needs extremely large trees (hundreds of nodes) and client side JavaScript trees just do not work well (too slow). CodeThatTreePhp is PHP driven here for more

PhpNav doesn`t use javascript, special effects or anything fancy - just straight php and html - so no worries about users disabling javascript. Your menu can be left-justified or hierarchically indented, with or without here for more

This handy script will allow you to page through large SQL queries. It`s simple to setup, and configure. Adjust rows per page and and navigation here for more

A short PHP code snippet that will print out a given directory here for more

Easy to use navigation menu. Does not use database. Just Arrays for each link. Each page you want the menu just include the file and call the function with desired parameters. Easy to adapt and easy to here for more

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