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This menu is a Dynamic DHTML 2 level menu. This menu is implemented with PHP OOP support. Use of classes makes it very easy to use. For easy adoption CSS is also used. It is found to be supported by Firefox, MSIE, Mozilla, here for more

Trailing is something you see on different web sites which shows you the trail of web pages you have visited, like: Category->Books->Computers->PHP. This is a simple code to add trailing to your web site. The trails are developed in PHP and stored in here for more

It is preety simple and uses php and mysql to do this. Check ou and where this scripts is in action everywhere. It creates pretty prev 1 2 3 next like navigation links for the results of your query. Should be familiar with the database and tables here for more

Very useful for a CMS; customizable and here for more

WinLIKE is the first professional Window-Manager for web browsers. With WinLIKE, web applications, websites and portals can contain little windows - like you are used to from your desktop. WinLIKE is based on DHTML and is only 27 kB big. It works without any plugins in the Microsoft Internet here for more

Class will automatically generate a javascript code for each drop down. Assign different speeds to up or down slides. Assign different steps, z-index, bgcolors, menu and link sizing, menu and link positioning, background image, link colors whether or not to have hover colors (the mouseover effect). here for more

With this script you can view the source of all kinds of internet pages like php, html, etc. SITE IS DOWN!! will it ever be back?? I here for more

A directory indexer that mimics the structure of apache`s built in indexer as closely as possible for those of us who don`t like here for more

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