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Highly Configurable breadcrumbs script that takes your directory structure and does whatever you want with it!! Features: "Homepage Naming", "Symbol Separators", "Case Formatting", "Show Filename", "Hide File Extension", "Special Formatting" here for more

unFnav is cool script for site navigation, easy to use and very flexible ;) Feel free to use it ;) here for more

PcsExplorer is a PHP/Javascript script which launches a "popup" window to aid in navigation and selection of a file or a folder in a remote web site. The selected file or directory is then placed in the TEXT value of a form in the calling browser window. A more detailed description can be here for more

This script builds a menu from a textfile (a complete how to is available) and will follow your position to unlink the current position (up to Three levels) here for more

A good script to list files on a folder. Great Visual, no database here for more

cjgMenu is a configurable tree menu written in Php and using Dhtml. Allows unlimited depth levels. Available Javascript functions to expand and collapse individual and all branches at here for more

A cookie-based PHP script that displays a path of hyperlinks to previously visited pages on a website. For example "Vacilando.Net > Writing > PHP Scripts > TrailScout" (see at the author`s website above). It is also known as "cookie crumb trail". None of the here for more

SEF advance is a component for Mambo 4.5.x which will extend Mambo`s built-in search engine friendly URL fuctionality and raise it on a higher level. Instead of ordinary Mambo URLs like: nt/view/1/2/ which don`t tell much about your content you will get URLs in SEF form: here for more

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