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The MD2 server status system is an easy way to view the online status of your server anywhere in the world. Using PHP and WAP technology we have produced a simple but effective way of monitoring your server on the here for more

The PHPManager, now in the version 4.2, is simple a useful tool for Linux server administrators over more users a possibility their Web space and data base memory to administer. The PHPManager can be also used thereby one its homepage always on the newest stood to hold without at the server to sit. here for more

PSI - PHP Simple Informer is a very simple network services monitoring application written in PHP. It can be run as a command line application (PHP compiled as cgi is required) or as a web php file. Features include: Very simple installation and configuration: one single config file and done, here for more

A simple script that makes a simple TCP connection to a host and port, to see if it`s running. Can be set to send an e-mail if a service is down. It can also be added to crontab, though it requres PHP to compiled as a CGI binary. Very easy to set up, and change here for more

JK Dnews Webmin Project is a web-based dnews Server admin program written in PHP. No SQL needed. The script is easy to configure, fast and reliable. The JK DNews Webmin is a web-based DNews Server management system,. Support FreeBSD & Linux. Support Dnews server of all here for more

Sysinfo is a simple PHP script that allows you to view your Windows NT server info from anywhere in the world. Needs no installation. Just unpack the file and place anywhere on your webserver. You can customize the layout. Shows disk, memory, apache, counter logs, etc. here for more

The only thing that`s certain to happen quite regularly on a web page are page requests. This is where pseudo-cron comes into play: With every page request it checks if any cron jobs should have been run since the previous request. If there are, they are run and logged. pseudo-cron uses a syntax here for more

This simple PHP script will attempt to connect to port 80 on a server and if port 80 is unresponsive the script will send out an e-mail to a specified e-mail address. The script will check multiple sites and send alerts to multiple e-mail addresses. If you want the alert sent to your cell phone, here for more

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