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Server Status Monitor to manage 1 to multiple domains. statsLITE was made because I looked around for a program to watch my server stats, that was simple but did what I wanted it to. So I made this program, with the help of a few other programs that I looked at. statsLITEPRO is used to monitor here for more

The Alog - Traffic Statistics Per Page is a robust, reliable analytics tool which excels in the quantity, quality and clarity of the reports it provides. You can view intelligence from real-time or historical data for any single visitor, or all visitors as a group, any web page, or all web pages, here for more

The psyBNC-Webinterfac is a web-based application for bouncer provider or gamer clans. You as admin are able to comfortably manage and configure all your psyBNC servers (installations) and their customer bncs. Specify the IP-address and the port and start the psyBNC process straight from the here for more

File System Stats is a script that allows you to display the progress/status of a site in development. It shows the total number of directories, the total number of files, the total number of lines, and the total size of all of the files. You can display this information however you want. Also, you here for more

displays the status of Website Ftp MySQL Telnet SSH for as many server as you need. Very easy and here for more

Add all your users/sites and there paths to the CSV file and you will be able to log in and view a pie chart of your sites disk here for more

Network Services Checker (NSC) is a tool for sysadmins to check status of services on server. It tries to connect to services as configured, and reports if connection has been estabilished or not. NSC`s main purpose is to give a global and fast report of network here for more

A set of PHP scripts to setup and manage your hosting customer account on Red Hat Fedora. The program allows for both manual and completely automated set up of websites for customers who fill in a form and pay online. Your customers get an easy to use User Control Panel offering functionality and here for more

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