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GameCP is a fully integrated Game Server Control Panel for the Linux operating system. Our system automates your every day administration tasks and reduces the amount of work you have to do! GameCP fully automates the addition of New Game Server Users. Simply type in the user name, pick a ip, here for more

A lot of my scripts follow a pattern of being simple yet effective, and this one is no different! I needed a ping script in PHP that would check to see if a server was online (pingable or not) however every other script I found was either complicated, or used some port connection (usually port 80). here for more

EveryDNS is a great free DNS service. This is an example interface and a object oriented class to interface with the service. It is written in php 5, but should work with php 4. Makes it very easy to manage your everyDNS account at the click of a button! here for more

This suite of PHP scripts is used for configuring a network gateway to limit access to only certain users based on their MAC address. Users that are not authorized will get redirected to a page telling them they can`t go anywhere unless they get permission. Only authorized users will be given net here for more

This script basically retrieves your account list and and turns it into CSV (Comma Seperated Value) for use with Excel or any other program for that here for more

This is a script to help all WHM/CPanel webmasters. Manage multiple servers/accounts in one place. Feature List: Add Accounts Modify Account Information and Passwords View Account Information User defined number of accounts shown per page Account Notes (Add/View/Edit/Delete) Search Accounts by ip, here for more

The credit on this Update goes to my unknown Friend in Holland. Erwin Wondergem Made some adjustments to the Server2004 script, to serve better your needs. Server configuration is now done at the Create a cronjob running cron.php every x minutes will automatically check server here for more

I developed this script so that at anytime I could easily create a batch file that would start, stop and restart Windows services remotely through a telnet like connection; particularly Apache and my mail server. Other than operating Windows services I wanted some other common commands to be on here for more

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