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php-syslog-ng is a front-end for viewing syslog-ng messages logged to MySQL. It lets you quickly and easily manage logs from many hosts. It features customized searches based on host, facility, priority, date/time, and the content of the log messages. It also has a tail mode, with customized here for more

A single file PHP script which shows CPU type, CPU speed and Available Memory of your hosting computer. Just you upload somewhere under your server the file easycpuinfo.php and point the browser to this file. It will show the above CPU information of your host computer. PHP5 not here for more

Phamm is a front-end written in PHP to manage virtual service`s using a LDAP directory. At this time some modules (plugins) are available: * Virtual mail server using Postfix * DNS server using power DNS * here for more

This is a simple script to monitor a list of ports from a list of here for more

Ensure that your web application is performing up to your standards by comprehensive monitoring. Don`t find out the hard way that you have been losing orders for 24 hours. Be pro-active and find the right web-application monitoring solution for your here for more

This is a PHP class that allows you to do unix/linux man page lookups from your website. Easy to use, and produces the results in a nicely formatted layout. It allows you to search with keyword and section numbers, and also display a list of all those found starting with a particular letter, or all here for more

Use this script to analyse sendmail logfiles created by the syslog daemon. It was tested with SuSE Linux 8.2. The generated report is available in HTML and ASCII format (useful if this class is included into a script that you run from the command line) here for more

With this webinterface you are able to manage your customers and gameservers from one single server. You can add new games/mods/plugins within the Webinterface, manage a mappool, build your own config layouts and many here for more

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