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RaQ CP is a Reseller Control Panel for Cobalt RaQs. It enables hosting companies running Cobalt RaQ Appliances to provide their resellers with an interface to add domains, manage users, manage subdomains, mySQL databases and many other. On the same time, Administrator can limit the amount of here for more

When requested, the script uses Apache`s server-status information to determine realtime outgoing bandwidth. If above a set threshold, it redirects traffic to an alternate server. Works for image includes, linking to larger files to download, etc. A quick and easy, single-file way to balance loads here for more

This is an administrative tool for configuring/compiling/installing server applications such as Apache, Sendmail, MySQL, PHP3, ProFtpd and more. SRSS currently supports installation for Apache 1.3.22 with mod_ssl, mod_perl, mod_php4, suexec, MySQL 3.23.22, Sendmail 8.11.1, WU-FTPD 2.6.2, ProFTPD here for more

phpSystem is a php script designed to give the user information about their system in an easy to read format, from any internet connected computer, such as kernel, uptime, memory and swap and partition here for more

This script can be used to impose makeshift disk quotas on subdirectories in your site.The script works by checking directory sizes against disk quotas you set for those directories. If the directory is over the specified limit then an email shall be sent to you. You may then treat the situation as here for more

Phpcron is a PHP command line program, which allows you to execute programs and system commands at certain scheduled times. It operates in a similar fashion to Unix`s Crond daemon, and can be used in place of, or as a complement to crond. It allows a host of options, including logging, and email here for more

SpiderLT (Spider Log Tools) is designed to be used on a LINUX machine to view system or server logs from the internet. This is a slimed down version of the author`s previous log app, LogMaster. This version does not have a fancy GUI. It can also be set upon windows machines with some effort. This here for more

Bindzio is a tool that allows your users to administrate their own subdomains without your help. It`s written in PHP and C and uses a PostgreSQL database to store configuration information. Users can add new hosts and subdomains and "give" their hosts/subdomains to other users. Currently here for more

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